Frequently Asked Questions

Product FAQs

1 - What is KateHH jewellery made from?

2 - Will my item look exactly like the one in the picture?

3 - I would like to buy a matching pendant/earrings/bracelet set, but the samples in the images are all made from different tins. Can you do anything about this?

4 - How long are the chains that you use? Can I have a shorter/longer chain on the pendant?

5 - How do I care for my jewellery?

6 - I have lost one earring, can it be replaced?

7 - I would like to commission a unique piece from you, or purchase a current product with bespoke changes made to it. How do I do this?

8 - Can I get a discount for buying multiple items?

9 - Do you have [a specific colour tin/tartan, etc.] to use for my product?

10 - Can you make jewellery from a tin I already own and could send to you?

11 - Can I design a piece of jewellery for you to make?

12 - Can you personalise the jewellery with a letter or number?

13 - Do you have a catalogue you can send to me?

14 - How can I find a stockist in my local area?

15 - Will my order come gift-wrapped?

16 - My ring size is not displayed when buying a ring, how do I specify my ring size?

Payment FAQs

17 - I have received a gift voucher, how do I redeem it?

18 - How can I pay for my order?

Delivery FAQs

19 - When will I receive my order?

20 - Can my order be posted to a different delivery address?

21 - Do you accept overseas orders?

22 - I have not received my order, what do I do?

Returns & Repairs FAQs

23 - Do you accept returned earrings?

24 - I would like to return an item, what do I do?

25 - How can I cancel my order?

26 - How long will my refund/return take to process?

27 - My item is damaged/faulty, what should I do?

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