Kate's Inspiration

As a trained designer, Kate learned thorough sketchbook work and the skill of turning a source image or item (eg a shell, a leaf, an architectural feature or a tribal artifact), into sketches, paper experiments, colour schemes, 3D samples and final products. She has shelves of sketchbooks and continues to this day to capture moments, thoughts, memorabilia and inspiring images in a sketchbook.


But the new digital world has brought a whole new world of possibilities to the designer! Kate now transforms her iPhone photos on Instgram into retro snippets and is building a virtual sketchbook of daily moments of inspiration on her page. She is also mildly addicted to Pinterest and frequently gets side-tracked by the beautiful images on this amazing resource of visual inspiration, capturing her favourites into themed albums.


These records of all the little things that keep Kate's creative brain ticking are an insight into the head of a designer. One thing Kate feels she learned through her college education was to see the world in a different way.....to see the line, colour, form, texture and juxtaposition of everyday things, e.g. the line of ornamental railings, the colour of shells on the beach, the texture of grasses bending in the wind, the juxtaposition of the mountains meeting the sky. These things could be easily over-looked if we do not pay attention, if we don't seek them out. There is a world of beauty all around us, we just have to look with new eyes to see it and Kate sees her job as using her world of inspiration and insight to create beautiful things that connect us to each other through beautiful design.

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